30 Sep
Stoke St Milborough (St Milborough) Shropshire.

The unsatisfactory peal of 8 (restored and augmented in 1999) have been replaced by a completely new peal of 8 bells, designed and tuned by us, and cast by Emanuel Allanconi, in Crema, Milan. This will be the first entirely new Italian-cast peal in the UK. The 1999 bellframe has been reused and five of the existing bells will be rehung in the old timber frame above the new peal. Four of the old bells will be equipped for automated chiming and the remainder for swing chiming. You can hear the new bells being test rung here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0_ldqp7m9M

The bells lined up outside the church to blessed.

Installation complete.

"We are all thrilled with the tone of the bells and also the 'go', so it's a big thank-you from us"

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