Norwich - The Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre.
Installation of a set of 8 Training Dumbbells.

In July 2018 we installed a set of 8 training dumbbells at The Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre. This set simulates something similar to 6cwt ring of 8 real bells, although the largest bell (in reality it is a steel box filled with concrete) weighs just under 2cwt. The electrical hardware was supplied by David Bagley. This amazing facility attracted heritage lottery funding with the aim of The Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre bringing the art and science of ringing to the widest possible audience. Each training dumbbell is linked to sophisticated ringing simulation software. The 8 bells can be rung individually or all together for change ringing.

We have also supplied a 6-bell portable mini-ring, complete with trailer for their outreach program.

Various photo's of the centre (most supplied by Neil Thomas).