The Charmborough Ring
Mobile Belfry

This mobile belfry was designed and produced in 2005 as a demonstrator. The idea was to provide a free-standing mobile belfry that could be assembled/dismantled in around 90 minutes, and could be transported by a small covered trailer. The tenor weighs 0-3-10 in D.  The bell details can be seen here: 

You can hear them here: . There is also a video of the assembly sequence here:

This ring is now owned by a The Charmborough Trust, that hire it out for events and use it for publicity and training. Their website is here: 

We are currently working in conjunction with several ringing associations, on designs for a new trailer mounted mobile belfry, that can be setup/dismantled in less than 20 minutes, by a single operator. We hope that a prototype will be available in 2021.