Small Bells

We cast and tune small bell profiles and sizes to suit any application, either singly (as ships bells or similar) or as tuned sets. We also stock a range of second-hand bells, which may suit a smaller budget.

We have numerous options when it comes to profiles/sounds. The standard ones are as follows:

Thick Handbell Profile

These bells are very much the budget end of the market, but have proved particularly good for mini-rings (miniature change ringing sets which are effectively a bellringers answer to a model railway in the loft)! We have produced over 70 mini-rings which have been exported all over the world. This profile gives a clear tone for bells of such small dimensions. Our standard mini-rings use this type of bell, and come in three different tenor sizes (10lb in G, 16lb in E or 20lb in D).  We either produce tuned bells for you to install yourself, or complete mini-rings (installed).

Mini ring bells cast to a thick handbell profile.

A completed mini ring.

Our standard mini rings are built to order. Please contact us for prices.

Harmonically tuned bells

We also produce a range of harmonically tuned bells, which range in size from around 20lb to 2cwt. Again these can be supplied as single bells or in tuned sets.

Using harmonically tuned bells, we have produced numerous small ringing peals (often referred to as midi-rings). We are convinced that we could design a ringing peal to fit just about any available space. Often it is more difficult to accommodate bellringers as opposed to bells!

A harmonically tuned midi-ring of 12 (Black Bull Frosterley). Photo M P A Wilby.

Please email us for further details and prices.