07 Jun
Dordrecht (Grote Kirk) The Netherlands.

We are assisting Paul and Harm Jan deKok in the creation of a new ringing peal of 10 bells (Tenor 16¾ cwt in F), to be hung below the existing carillon of 67 bells (Largest 10 Tons). The Keltek Trust have donated four Taylor bells (ex Low Harrogate) and we have designed and tuned six new bells to compliment them. The new bells were cast by Emanuele Allanconi. Paul and Harm Jan have already designed and built the bellframe which they have also installed. We are supplying ringing fittings for all 10 bells. 

The 6 new bells prior to dispatch (Photo Emanuele Allanconi).

You can hear the new bells being tapped around in the works on 6/6/2020, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztJ7hHh-1Oo 

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