03 Jan
Littleton Drew (All Saints) Wiltshire.

The mediaeval ring of 3 have been conserved, rehung in a new bellframe and augmented to a ring of six using 3 previously used bells obtained via The Keltek Trust. No two of the original bells were in tune with each other, so the two largest were carefully (and minimally) retuned to align with the original treble. A new six bell frame has been installed to make use of every inch of available space in this small belfry. This ring is rung from the chancel, in front of the congregation. A new set of rope guides has been designed and built to minimalise visual impact. These bells were test rung on 10th February 2022 - you can see part of the test ring here

The completed installation.

The chancel ringing area, showing the finished rope guide.

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